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good afternoon and welcome to the hudson constitution book forum to celebrate the publication of escape from north korea, "the untold story of asia's underground railroad" by melanie kirkpatrick. i'm ken, president and ceo of hudson institute. i would like to welcome the audience watching at home and especially thank the friends at c-span for covering the event today. there were a couple of guests whom i would like to ak nog.
5:38 am
-- acknowledge the counsel general of south korea and new york ambassador. i would like to -- [applause] i would like to acknowledge the presence of the japanese deputy counsel general in new york. [applause] in addition, i would like note the presence of several hudson institute trustees or vice chair, and the trustee jack david, as a special interest in the book as he was the first person to tread and he is married to the author. [laughter] we were grateful for jack's service on the board and the voflght involvement in the important book. i want to thank today's panelists the senior partner who was president at george w. bush special envoy.
5:39 am
and the projection of north korea ref refugee and joseph kim who is a remarkable individual who escaped from north korea at the age of 13. hudson institute was founded 51 years ago as a farred-looking international policy research organization designed to think creatively about how to achieve a better future in the face of unprecedented challenges of the early 1960s. the world has changed in significant ways since those days the fundamental day of looking at it has not. since the days of the founding hudson institute -- few determined individuals can make a significant difference in the fight for freedom and human rights. and the book that we will be discussing today escaped from north korea the untold story of
5:40 am
the untold story of asia's under ground railroad em boys the concept. the senior fellow melanie kirkpatrick has been published by counter book and already received very favorable reviews on the wall street journal, the weekly standard, publishers weekly, the asia times and in the south korea press. the reason is very simple. melanie kirkpatrick offers both a deeply moving yet highly analytic account of the experiences of north koreans who risk everything escape the world's worst tyranny. she talks about the dedicated christian missionary and korean americans that help them. those who work in the policy world in washington sometimes risk becoming so -- not news that in a sense our senses are dulled and we no longer recognize the human consequences of tyranny and a various public policy. in this book escape from north korea is the perfect ante-dote
5:41 am
to that phenomenon. melanie kirkpatrick does an masterful job introduces us to some absolutely extraordinary individuals. , for example the first who escapes is arrested three times before he finally makes it to freedom. all because he simply wanted the freedom to play the music of his choice. she gives us a story a long island businessman in china working for walmart, attending an underground church who happened to cross a couple of north korean refugees and he gets so move he decides he's as a part time activity help these north korean refugees escape from china. he gets arrested, he spends three years in jail before returning to the united states and deciding to dedicate his entire life to saving north
5:42 am
korean. cannot possible read the bock without being moved to tears in just about every single chapter. and the stories are incredible they go in to greater detail on some of these momentarily. melanie kirkpatrick, whom jay will introduce her shortly using the best of the journalist sensibility honed at nearly three decades at the "the wall street journal" to highlight the human side of north korea. we are deeply proud of her and we look forward to her comments today. copies of the escape from north korea are available for purchase at the event for $20 and melanie kirkpatrick will be glad to sign your copy. it's available online at i urge all of you to read it and discuss it and tread again. i ?row the special pleasure of introducing my friend jay. he's a senior partner at kirk land and ellis here in new york
5:43 am
city. he's a well known commodity in the washington policy world having served with the distinction in two different administration as cabinet secretary under president george h. w. bush and directer of domestic policy. he's known throughout washington as a keen policy intellectual with incredible ability to is the acid complex issues and unparalleled efficiency. he written on great authority on many things. for our purposes today it should be noted that he serve a special envoy in the position jay was known for the fourth right criticism not simply of the north korean tyranny for tailing to do more to assist creern. jay did not spare criticism
5:44 am
either of the folks in foggy bottom. he was well known for criticizing state department policy that seemed more concerned nuclear program on stopping the program itself or in promoting human rights in the country. with that please give a warm welcome to jay. [applause] >> thank you for the very warm introduction. it's a pleasure to be here with you today for what promises to be a fascinating discussion because we have three really great presenters. i'm going introduce the keynote speaker melanie kirkpatrick first. she'll give intrux remarks about the book. what influenced her to write the book and the features from the bock. i'll introduce the other two
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